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The Daily Mail

January 2021– ongoing

News items

Mother-of-three, 28, avoids jail for ambushing woman inside train station toilet – LINK HERE

Ex-Man United star Ronnie Wallwork, 43, is accused of fracturing man's eye socket during pub brawl LINK HERE

Thug, 37, who beat his old primary school headmaster to a pulp is back behind bars LINK HERE

Schoolboy, 15, who suffered asthma attack died after his family's 999 call was graded less serious LINK HERE


Scheming care home worker, 54, faked terminal breast cancer to fool work colleagues out of £1,300 LINK HERE

Charity boss, 57, is jailed for three months after she and her daughter, 35, started drunken mid-air 'riot' LINK HERE

Father-of-two, 27, who raped two ex-girlfriends after they refused to get back together is jailed LINK HERE


I'm going to buy petrol and set her on fire': Father-of-four, 36, who vowed to BURN ex-lover spared jail LINK HERE


Two businessmen are jailed for manslaughter after poisoning man living above their shop to death LINK HERE


Pole dancing champion, 27, killed herself after lockdown stopped her competing, inquest hears LINK HERE


Woman, 31, who racked up credit card debt which she feared was wrecking her marriage killed herself LINK HERE


Angry bodybuilder, 26, attacked next door neighbours at knifepoint LINK HERE

Beauty therapist, 34, was kicked off holiday jet after getting drunk and refusing to put on facemask LINK HERE


Woman, 30, left child home alone in flat for up to NINE hours while on drinking binge with friend – LINK HERE 

Grandmother must have her German shepherd-akita cross Mylo put down after it mauled her son's fiancée – LINK HERE

Abusive boyfriend, 30, who feared his girlfriend's first aid work would 'infect' him with Covid broke her arm – LINK HERE

Football coach, 25, hanged himself after his cocaine habit triggered severe bouts of depression – LINK HERE  

Former model, 35, set up cocaine and ecstasy-dealing racket from her kitchen counter to pay off drug debts LINK HERE

Ex-Manchester United football star Ronnie Wallwork broke man's eye socket in drunken pub brawl – LINK HERE

Chinese Students Association president, 26, who rarely had alcohol died in 100mph police chase LINK HERE 

Jealous boyfriend, 26, broke into ex-girlfriend's home while she was asleep and held her hostage at knifepoint – LINK HERE


Drunk mother-of-one, 22, stole her boyfriend's Range Rover after downing WKD at illegal lockdown party LINK HERE


Ex-Selfridges worker, 28, haunted by abusive ex-boyfriend, died after cocktail of wine and anti-depressants LINK HERE


Healthy five-month-old baby girl dies suddenly in arms of her babysitting aunt – LINK HERE 

Female bouncer, 21, hanged herself two years after being lured by ex-lover to flat – LINK HERE

'Loutish' couple whose drunken antics caused mid-air mayhem on 7.55am flight to Tunisia are spared jail LINK HERE

'Traveller' friend of Tyson Fury kidnapped young mother and held her prisoner in his caravan LINK HERE 

Bride-to-be tells how she cradled fiance, 26, in her arms after he was killed by his friend in 60mph road smash LINK HERE

Volvo-driving businessman, 46, is fined £900 for ambushing cyclist by hiding behind hedge LINK HERE

University student, 21, whose 17-year-old sister hanged herself took his own life ten months later LINK HERE

Boy, seven, battling leukaemia died two weeks before he was due to get potentially life-saving stem cells LINK HERE

Banker found drunk at the wheel escapes road ban after arguing she had been using the car to fight a 'text war' LINK HERE

Neighbour from hell threatened to poison elderly woman's dog, spray man with hosepipe and intimidated family LINK HERE 

Dog owner who was mauled by 'frenzied' bull terrier-pitbull while pulling it off his cockapoo wins compensation LINK HERE

Gangster's moll, 27, who was caught with her lover's pistol in her garden after shooting walks free LINK HERE

Drink driver, 33, avoids jail after claiming her 'coercive and violent' boyfriend made her get behind the wheel LINK HERE

Mother-of-two claimed her car had been hijacked to cover up for her boyfriend's hit and run is spared jail LINK HERE

Mother-of-two, 26, had sex with 15-year-old boy dozens of times after his parents helped her during lockdown LINK HERE

Prison catering manager, 34, who had affair with inmate and smuggled drugs inside her bra is jailed LINK HERE

Teenager told easyJet air hostesses to perform a sex act on him and threatened to shoot and kill the crew LINK HERE

Chef, 27, attacked his fiancée and grabbed her in a chokehold in front of their four-year-old son LINK HERE

Virgin Media worker, 27, Tracked ex-girlfriend on iCloud, sabotaged her internet and follow her new partner LINK HERE

Retired company director, 78, is ordered to pay £750 in damages after his bulldog mauled delivery driver LINK HERE

Drunk mother, 29, flashed her breasts and bottom at police officer before sexually assaulting him LINK HERE

Mother-of-two, 37, crashed hire car into a wall while drunk before filing £12,000 insurance claim LINK HERE

Cocaine-snorting driver, 31, who left nursery nurse brain damaged escapes jail LINK HERE

Drunk passenger had to be locked in plane toilet after fighting with female cabin crew and shouting slurs LINK HERE

Children's nurse, 37, who led double life as crack cocaine trafficker caught after posing SELFIE with druglord LINK HERE

Machete gang jailed for a total of 58 years for raiding businesswoman's £1.5m home and vowing to kill her LINK HERE

Father posted 36-year-old daughter's prescription through her letter box... unaware she had hanged herself LINK HERE

Delivery driver, 63, receives 78 points after he was caught by same cameras 26 TIMES in three months LINK HERE

Drunk owner, 48, stabbed her cat up to 10 times then put it in a freezer with ready meals before it was rescued LINK HERE

Ex-rugby union star, 28, faces jail after fleeing cop who smelt alcohol on him in car - then threatened to Taser him – LINK HERE

Passenger, 33, stormed business class of Oman Air flight, snatched alcohol from his father and threatened crew LINK HERE

Charity worker, 38, escapes a driving ban after claiming she was power napping to avoid her strict Muslim father LINK HERE

Paedophile, 40, caught out in sting trying to give mobile phone to 14-year-old girl is jailed for three years LINK HERE

Drug-driving mother, 27, who filmed herself on Snapchat speeding at 88mph before crash AVOIDS jail LINK HERE

Convicted drug dealer, 41, who dated Gemma Collins avoids jail for dangerous driving after injuring motorist – LINK HERE

Home Bargains worker, 28, is caught hiding his mobile phone in ladies' lavatory to spy on female colleague LINK HERE

Bingo hall worker, 55, waged campaign against her innocent neighbours calling them ‘Fred and Rose West’ LINK HERE

Killer posed girlfriend's body on bed and used nail varnish to daub the words: 'It was me!' in a ritualistic murder LINK HERE

Record label owner caught with a loaded gun, balaclava and gloves denies being in notorious Crips gang LINK HERE

Mercedes driver caught while three times over the limit claims he downed four pints of a vodka by accident LINK HERE

Woman, 43, went on drunken rampage in homeless hostel and 'deliberately' BIT paramedic LINK HERE

Charity chief exec, 59, was caught drink-driving hours after boozy board members' dinner LINK HERE

University nursing graduate, 36, killed herself by taking overdose after binge drinking to cope with depression LINK HERE

Shocking moment ex soldier, 27, slashes pub-goer's face with a glass in unprovoked attack on New Year's Eve LINK HERE

Disabled pervert, 50, who has flashed young women and girls for 13 years avoids jail LINK HERE

Domestic abuse campaigner who ran over four-year-old boy on pedestrian crossing is spared jail LINK HERE

Personal injury lawyer, 40, ploughed through a wall in her Porsche 4x4 after downing white wine LINK HERE

Ex-Manchester United star Chris Eagles, 35, is fined after being found drunk at the wheel of his Audi – LINK HERE

Vicious thug, 30, used plug and flex to publicly FLOG his pregnant girlfriend LINK HERE

Gambling addict, 57, left her father, 81, penniless after she used £20,000 of his savings to play slot machines LINK HERE

MMA fighter who starred in Channel 4 documentary is jailed for 20 months after throttling his girlfriend LINK HERE

Tyson Fury's dentist, 32, is spared jail after killing 76-year-old driver while doing 59mph in a 40mph zone LINK HERE

Nurse, 58, threw a sickie to get blood cleaned off the seats of her car after her son kneecapped a love rival LINK HERE

Everton star Jean-Philippe Gbamin, 26, is fined and banned after 5am drink-driving smash in his Audi – LINK HERE

Drifter, 29, posed as a patient at hospital to rob an amputee who had just woken from a six-week coma – LINK HERE

Moment robber, 29, posed as a good Samaritan before mugging him and ramming his wheelchair into a wall – LINK HERE

Father of QUADRUPLETS, 35, 'stole up to £30,000 from his boss' so he could feed and clothe his four children – LINK HERE

Mother-of-two, 38, shared vile images of children with zombie-actor partner, 35, to 'keep alive' their romance – LINK HERE

Estate agent who had a Cava-fuelled fight with her ex in lockdown is cleared of attacking him with scissors – LINK HERE

Prostitute, 29, is kicked out of her house as neighbours complain of loud orgies and car park full of punters LINK HERE

Mystery over death of British boxer, 31, as family tell inquest they believe he was murdered by his new wife – LINK HERE

Pregnant woman, 21, harassed grieving mother by making hoax 999 calls, ordering takeaways to her house – LINK HERE

The Sun

January 2021– ongoing

News items


Schoolboy, 15, suffering deadly asthma attack died after 999 call ‘downgraded’ in computer mix-up LINK HERE 

Cancer con: scheming bride fakes having terminal cancer to dupe colleagues into paying for her wedding​ LINK HERE

POLE STAR TORMENT British pole-dancing champion, 27, hanged herself after struggling during lockdown LINK HERE


Restaurant boss who earned £1m a year by smuggling migrants to work on cannabis farms jailed LINK HERE

Mum-of-two beauty therapist, 34, kicked off flight to Ibiza after downing wine and refusing to wear face mask LINK HERE

Ex-Man Utd star Ronnie Wallwork accused of fracturing man’s eye socket in pub brawl LINK HERE


CHILD ABANDONED: Woman, 30, left girl, 4, home alone while she went on nine-hour drinking binge LINK HERE

Footballer, 25, hanged himself after his ‘recreational’ cocaine use triggered breakdown, inquest told – LINK HERE

Ex-model, 35, who set up cocaine trafficking racket to fund a drugs binge is spared jail LINK HERE 

'MENTAL TORTURE': Former Selfridges worker, 28, took fatal overdose after she was left haunted by ex LINK HERE

BABYSITTING TRAGEDY: Five-month-old baby girl died after sleeping on sofa with her aunt LINK HERE


'SO MUCH TO LIVE FOR': Bouncer, 21, found dead in hotel room after ex-girlfriend orchestrated brutal attack LINK HERE

OFF HIS HEDGE: Businessman, 46, hid in hedge to pull cyclist off his bike after road rage bust-up LINK HERE 

DRINK DRIVE RAP: Ex-Man United ace Chris Eagles arrested for ‘being drunk and asleep in his car' LINK HERE

PURE EVIL: Vile sex attacker, 23, took teen hostage before raping and beating her in 14-hour attack LINK HERE

MEAN STREETS: Nightmare neighbour terrorised cul-de-sac threatening to kill a dog, branding resident a paedo LINK HERE

LET OFF: Woman, 33, in BMW almost four times over limit is spared jail as abusive boyfriend made her drive LINK  HERE

SEX SHAME: Mum, 26, had sex with boy, 15, after manipulating him with ‘sexually-charged’ texts LINK HERE

JAILHOUSE ROCK: Prison dinner lady, 34, joined drug ring after twice-daily romps with armed robber LINK HERE

'I WILL KILL YOU': Yob jailed for threatening to shoot easyJet cabin crew after he was asked to wear face mask LINK HERE

TIKKED OFF: Mum, 32, who scammed OAPs shares bizarre TikTok jail video LINK HERE

SOAP SEX: Man, 27, slept with his girlfriend’s daughter, 15, after watching EastEnders affair storyline LINK HERE

FLASH OUTRAGE: Mum, 29, exposed her breasts and buttocks at cop before sexually assaulting officer LINK HERE

LET OFF: Driver, 31, who mowed down nurse while high is spared jail in case her mental health ‘deteriorated’ LINK HERE

JET RAGE: Boozed-up Jet2 passenger had to be locked in plane toilet after trying to BITE cabin crew LINK HERE

BOTTLED IT: woman found drunk at wheel of Mercedes escapes road ban, claiming she was dodging Muslim dad LINK HERE

CRASH ON FILM: mum, 27, filmed herself on Snapchat speeding 88mph before ploughing car into barrier LINK HERE

TWISTED: Killer wrote ‘it was me’ on girlfriend’s body after stabbing her to death in ritualistic murder jailed LINK HERE

TRAGIC END: Nursing graduate, 36, died of overdose during heavy drinking session after battle with depression LINK HERE

SCARRED FOR LIFE: Chilling moment ex-soldier glasses man he thought had spiked lover’s drink on night out LINK HERE

WINE AND FINE: lawyer, 40, smashes her Porsche 4×4 into a wall after getting drunk on white wine at work LINK HERE 

PREM ACE SHAME: Ex-Man Utd star Chris Eagles banned from driving after being drunk and shoeless at 3am LINK HERE

DENTIST GOES FREE: Tyson Fury’s dentist walks free from court after killing a grandad while speeding LINK HERE

DRINK DRIVE BAN: Everton star Jean-Philippe Gbamin fined £25,000 and banned after 5am drink-drive smash LINK HERE

BAD SAMARITAN: Robber pretends to help double amputee so he can mug him in the car park LINK HERE

'MAKING ENDS MEET': Dad who stole £90,000 SPARED jail claiming he pocketed cash to feed his quadruplets LINK HERE

CALL OUT: Call girl quits council house as neighbours complain about ‘loud sex & massive queues outside’ LINK HERE

The Mirror

February 2021 – ongoing

News items

Woman who started easyJet mid-air ‘riot’ with daughter while drunk on pink gin jailed LINK HERE

British pole dancing champion, 27, hanged herself after struggling during lockdown LINK HERE


Baby's mystery death at family sleepover while parents were at Ed Sheeran concert LINK HERE

Delivery driver caught by speed camera 26 times landed with 78 points on driving licence – LINK HERE 

Drunk boyfriend attacked partner and punched her mum over getting pet's name wrong – LINK HERE

Mum who set fire to her own house to escape infestation of mice avoids jail – LINK HERE

Ex-Manchester United ace found shoeless and drunk at wheel outside Hollyoaks star's home – LINK HERE

NHS nurse 'called in sick' to clean up company car after son shot love rival in it – LINK HERE

The Guardian

April 2021 – ongoing

News items

White supremacist who targeted Jess Phillips sentenced to two years in prison LINK HERE

The Times

September 2021 – ongoing

News items

Nurse faked illness to clean blood-stained car used in shooting of son’s love rival LINK HERE

The Scottish Sun

April 2021 – ongoing

News items

Ex-model, 35, who set up cocaine trafficking racket to fund a drugs binge is spared jail LINK HERE

LET OFF: Woman, 33, in BMW almost four times over limit is spared jail as abusive boyfriend made her drive LINK HERE

JAILHOUSE ROCK: Prison dinner lady, 34, joined drug ring after romps with armed robber behind bars LINK HERE


February 2021 – ongoing 

News items

Bride faked terminal cancer to trick colleagues into paying for wedding LINK HERE

Man who told cabin crew to ‘f*** off’ in drunken tirade banned from easyJet LINK HERE 

Innocent woman targeted by paedophile hunters after her dating account was hacked LINK HERE

Housewife killed herself while struggling to cope with credit card debt LINK HERE

Drunk mum kicked off plane for refusing to wear mask on Ibiza flight LINK HERE


Man threw smoke bomb into takeaway after Just Eat drivers blocked way into home LINK HERE


Woman left girl, 4, at home alone to go on nine-hour drinking binge with friend LINK HERE

Cyclist ambushed and pulled off his bike in road rage row with Volvo driver LINK HERE

Boy, 7, died of leukaemia weeks before he could get stem cell donation from twin LINK HERE

Banker found drunk at wheel during ‘text war’ with friend escapes driving ban LINK HERE

Man held teenager hostage and raped her during 14-hour ordeal LINK HERE


Prison caterer smuggled drugs into jail and had sex with armed robber LINK HERE

Teen threatened to kill easyJet cabin crew after being asked to wear mask LINK HERE

Man slept with girlfriend’s daughter, 15, after watching EastEnders affair story – LINK HERE


Mum exposed breasts, dropped her trousers, and sexually assaulted officer – LINK HERE

Drug-driver who left nurse with severe brain damage avoids jail – LINK HERE

Homophobic, sexist drunk locked in plane’s toilet to protect other passengers – LINK HERE

Loved up selfie that exposed nursery nurse’s double life as a coke dealer – LINK HERE

Woman stabbed her cat up to 10 times then put it in the freezer with ready meals – LINK HERE

Son burst into business class where his parents were sitting and demanded alcohol LINK HERE

High mum filmed herself on Snapchat hitting 88mph before motorway crash – LINK HERE

Killer wrote ‘it was me’ on girlfriend’s body after stabbing her to death LINK HERE

Drunk spared jail after biting paramedic so hard he bled and feared he could have HIV – LINK HERE 

Former Manchester United player Chris Eagles banned from driving after being found drunk in car – LINK HERE

Son called ‘Mad Dog’ banned from seeing mum after biting her all over her body – LINK HERE

Nurse ‘pulled a sickie to clean car after son shot rival on back seat’ – LINK HERE

Amputee wheeled out of hospital by ‘Good Samaritan’ who mugged him in car park – LINK HERE

Dad of quadruplets stole £90,000 from boss to help ‘make ends meet’ – LINK HERE

Mum sent child abuse images to zombie-actor partner to ‘keep relationship alive’ – LINK HERE

Sex worker ordered to stop ‘working from home’ after lockdown noise complaints – LINK HERE

New York Post

February 2021 – ongoing

News items

Bride allegedly faked terminal cancer to get colleagues to pay for wedding​ LINK HERE    

UK pole-dancing champion Jessica Norris reportedly hanged herself during lockdown LINK HERE

Drunk beautician reportedly kicked off Ryanair flight for refusing to wear mask LINK HERE


UK man fatally stabs girlfriend, writes ‘It was me’ on her body LINK HERE

 Man pretends to help double amputee before stealing his bank card – LINK HERE

‘Loud’ prostitute kicked out of public housing for WFH during pandemic – LINK HERE

The Daily Star

May 2021 – ongoing

News items

Neighbour from hell 'ruined people's lives' and terrorised dogs in campaign of abuse LINK HERE

'Drunk teen on easyJet flight demanded air hostess perform sex act on him' LINK HERE

'Nurse, 37, with 'double life' as cocaine trafficker given away by selfie with boyfriend' – LINK HERE 

'Ex-Man Utd star Chris Eagles was found drunk in £70k Audi at 3am with no shoes on' LINK HERE

Nurse pulled sickie to clean blood from car after son shot love rival, court hears – LINK HERE

Mum shared vile child abuse images to 'keep romance alive' with creepy actor boyfriend – LINK HERE

The Express

February 2021 – ongoing

News items

'Asthma teen died after NHS computer said no emergency' – LINK HERE

'Call girl quits council house after neighbours complain about ‘loud sex & massive queues’' – LINK HERE

Sunday World

June 2021 – ongoing

News items

'EIR RAGE Glasgow man who shouted 'Fenian b***ards' at Irish couple on plane jailed for 20 months' LINK HERE

Daily Record

October 2021 – ongoing

News items

Sex worker forced out of house after neighbours complained about her ‘working from home’ during lockdown LINK HERE

Lad Bible

June 2021 – ongoing

News items

'Delivery Driver Caught 26 Times In Three Months By Same Speed Camera And Gets 78 Points' LINK HERE