The Daily Mirror (online)
January 2021 ongoing
News items

'Drunk dad who refused 40 times to wear a face mask on a Ryanair flight spared jail' LINK HERE 

'Mum left girl, 4, home alone while she went on nine hour drinking binge' LINK HERE 

'Thug who beat up former headteacher and left him in pool of blood back in jail' LINK HERE 


'Ex-British Airways air hostess caught drink-driving four times over the limit walks free' LINK HERE 

'Woman took fatal drink and drugs cocktail after years of abusive ex's 'mental torture' – LINK HERE 

'Bouncer, 21, found dead two years after being savagely beaten in girl-gang attack' – LINK HERE 

'Businessman hiding in hedge ambushed cyclist and knocked him down after road rage spat' – LINK HERE

'Boy, 7, dies of leukaemia two weeks before he was due to get stem cells from twin' – LINK HERE

'Man took teen hostage before raping and beating her during horror 14-hours of hell' LINK HERE

'Neighbour from hell 'Dave the drain' threatened to kill dog in relentless hate campaign' LINK HERE

'Drink driver, 33, spared jail as abusive boyfriend forced her to get behind the wheel' LINK HERE

'Beautician ordered to stage theft of BMW by 'bullying' boyfriend spared jail' LINK HERE

'Woman fleeing abusive marriage battered by pal who put her up in row over unpaid rent' LINK HERE

'Teen threatened to shoot cabin crew on easyJet flight after refusing to wear face mask' LINK HERE

'Mum-of-three headbutts man and stamps on woman in drunken rampage at house party' LINK HERE

Manchester Evening News (online)
January 2021 ongoing
News items

'Thug who left former school headteacher in pool of his own blood after harbouring a grudge back behind bars' – LINK HERE


'Beauty therapist kicked off 6 am Ryanair flight to Ibiza after downing a bottle of wine' – LINK HERE 

'Bouncer, 21, found dead in hotel two years after savage gang beating masterminded by ex' LINK HERE 
'The very definition of the anti-social neighbour': Man threatened to kill a dog and used a fog horn LINK HERE
'Woman more than three times the alcohol limit said ex 'threw keys at her and ordered her to drive' LINK HERE
'Vodka-fuelled teenager 'foaming at the mouth' threatened to shoot and kill cabin crew on easyJet flight' LINK HERE

7 News Australia (online)

April 2021

News items

'British baby died sleeping on couch with aunt as mum and dad went to Ed Sheeran gig' LINK HERE

Liverpool Echo (online)

May 2021

News items

'Teen 'foamed at the mouth' and threatened to kill EasyJet crew in facemask row' LINK HERE

The i newspaper (online & print edition)
January 2021


'Hong Kong pro-democracy activists are escaping to the UK – but even here they can’t evade China’s spies' – LINK HERE
Byline Times (online and print edition)
April – July 2020

'‘We Didn’t Trust the Rest of the World to Look After Us Properly’ The People Rejecting Mainstream Living' LINK HERE


'Love in a Time of Lockdown How the Coronavirus is Adapting Dating Habits' LINK HERE

Shorthand (online)
May 2020


'Interview – Sir Robin Knox-Johnston:‘I’m not ready to go’' LINK HERE

Mancunian Matters (online)
October 2019 – September 2020

'Behind the masks: Manchester's Hong Kong protesters speak out' LINK HERE

'Behind the façade of Manchester's economic transformation with 'Not Quite Light' photographer Simon Buckley' LINK HERE

'Interview: Tackling homelessness with Manchester Street Poem's Simon Leroux' LINK HERE

News items

'Artists take fresh approach to socially distanced dining in Media City' LINK HERE

'Why ‘Eat Out to Help Out’ is raising questions in Manchester' – LINK HERE


'Hong Kong activists urge Britain to do more during Manchester protest' LINK HERE

'The resistance starts here': Anti Tory government protests flare in Manchester'  LINK HERE

'Shadow ministers said Leave voters were 'bigoted and racist', alleges Ian Lavery' LINK HERE

Viva Magazine (online)

October November 2019


'Beyond Ikea – who’s behind Manchester’s new Nordic vibe? LINK HERE

Now Then (online, reprints)
October November 2019


'Beyond Ikea – who’s behind Manchester’s new Nordic vibe?' – LINK HERE

'Simon Buckley: Behind the façade of Manchester's economic transformation' – LINK HERE

'Local Check: Manchester Street Poem' – LINK HERE

Pink Wafer (online)
July – October 2019


'Yemi Bolatiwa: Taking Over With The Manchester Soul Singer' LINK HERE

'Mali Hayes: Getting Closer To What Feels Natural' LINK HERE

Scandinavia Standard (online)
October 2018 – May 2019

'How Tapetown Studio is Promoting Emerging Musicians' LINK HERE


'Real Talk: Why Fraser McGuinness Traded Rock Star Life for a Barber Shop' LINK HERE


'How Bladr is Making the Case for the Artist’s Book' LINK HERE


'Affordable Luxury: The Best Meals in Copenhagen for 150 Kroner or Less' LINK HERE


'Artist Spotlight: Copenhagen Art Space Underbanen' LINK HERE


'Where to Get The Best Poké Bowl in Copenhagen' LINK HERE


'Explore Copenhagen Through the Eyes of a Location Scout' LINK HERE


'Where to Drink the Best Natural Wine in Copenhagen' LINK HERE


'Artist Spotlight: Danish Classical Composer Louise Alenius' LINK HERE


'What It’s Like to Live in Copenhagen’s Pirate Harbor' LINK HERE




'Live from Copenhagen: Swedish Post-Punk Band Agent Side Grinder' LINK HERE


'Live from Copenhagen: Danish psychedelic band Fribytterdrømme' LINK HERE


'Live from Copenhagen: Danish Rock Band De Underjordiske' LINK HERE


'Live from Copenhagen: Swedish Pop Singer Sarah Klang' LINK HERE


'Live from Copenhagen: Danish Glam Pop Artist Theo X' LINK HERE


'Live from Copenhagen: Norwegian Indie-Disco Artist Farao' LINK HERE




'A Guide to Copenhagen’s Best Christmas Markets' LINK HERE


'Discover the Best Scandinavian Bands of 2018' LINK HERE


Globuzzer (online)
June – September 2018


'Passage to Denmark: from bypassing military checkpoints to making Danish bagels' – LINK HERE


'Ark Books – a community conceived through prose' – LINK HERE


'Passage to Denmark: the fashion professional making ‘kawaii’ big in Copenhagen' LINK HERE

'Passage to Denmark: meet the fearless musician bridging continents for his craft' LINK HERE


Travel writing

'Street view: eat and drink your way through Rantzausgade' LINK HERE


'Street view: find the spirit of independent trading on Jægersborggade' LINK HERE

Reviews & events

'10 picks for Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2018' LINK HERE


'Need a place to study? 5 Cafés where you can hit the books in Copenhagen' LINK HERE

'"Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines!" – The Historic Grand Prix comes to town' LINK HERE

'Copenhagen summer 'cliff diving' event set to cause a splash' LINK HERE

'Celebrate inclusivity at Copenhagen Pride Week 2018' LINK HERE

'Avast, land lumbers! – 5 ways to sit atop the water this summer' LINK HERE

'Nordic Race 2018 – will you ‘embrace the pain’?' LINK HER

'Seek out the best of Danish cinema at CPH:PIX 2018' LINK HERE

'Kulturnatten 2018 – find your culture fix amidst the darkness' LINK HERE

'Swoop Freestyle FAI World Championships dropping in on Copenhagen' LINK HERE

'Witness the power of news reporting at the World Press Photo Awards Exhibition' LINK HERE

'The culture trip: art in October' LINK HERE

The Copenhagen Post (online & print edition)
February – August 2018


'Inside Israel: Denmark’s mission to harness the power of the startup nation' LINK HERE


'Surplus to requirements: internationals address root causes of food waste' LINK HERE


'International brand a misnomer: the artist beating a drum for fair trade music' LINK HERE

News items

'Danish startup leads way to modernise international art market' LINK HERE

'Island-hopping: Refshaleøen to succeed Papirøen as host of Copenhagen Street Food' LINK HER

'Prince Henrik’s final journey' LINK HERE

'Science and Nature News in Brief: DTU makes ‘star’tling space discovery' LINK HERE

'Green is the new black: proposed tax targets HBO and Netflix' LINK HERE

'Denmark’s high hopes to become Europe’s biggest medical cannabis producer' LINK HERE

'Danish government to no longer oil the wheels of fossil fuel extraction' LINK HERE

'Young people paying the price for living in major cities' LINK HERE

'Hopes of a nation rest on skater Møller-Rigas' LINK HERE

'Danish commerce suffering due to EU’s missed targets' LINK HERE

'Rainmaking creating a fresh space for future startups in Copenhagen' LINK HERE

'Sex doll brothel opens in Denmark’s second largest city' LINK HERE

'Danish CV platform Novorésumé goes global' LINK HERE

'Babes everywhere: twice as many pigs in Denmark than people' LINK HERE

'Lego bricking it: toy manufacturer announces reduced profits for first time in 13 years' LINK HERE

'TDC’s crossed wires leads to a week of widespread issues' LINK HERE

'Par for the course? Dismissed executive gets six-figure payout' – LINK HERE

'Danish startup Tattoodo inks its mark on an old industry' – LINK HERE

'Restoration planned for Copenhagen’s off-colour ‘Red Square’' – LINK HERE

'Danish PM shows solidarity with the UK over spy attack' – LINK HERE

'Runners championing fight to curb plastic blight' – LINK HERE

'Haas exoneration clears path for possible Magnussen breakthrough season' – LINK HERE

'Copenhagen co-hosting photo 'marathon' that places focus on cross cultural relations' – LINK HERE

'“Danes more like Israelis than other Scandinavians,” claims Swedish futurologist' – LINK HERE

'Making a difference with Team Peru' – LINK HERE



'CPH:DOX reviews: ‘Minding the Gap’ & ‘Latifa: a fighting heart’' – LINK HERE


'CPH:DOX reviews: ‘Faces Places’ & ‘Golden Dawn Girls’' – LINK HERE


'No longer in bandit country: Café Baryl' – LINK HERE


'Laundry, Lusciousness, Laudation: The Laundromat Café' – LINK HERE


'Making a noise for the bar where experience is everything' – LINK HERE


'A pinnacle à la pillion nestled in naughty Nørrebro awaits' – LINK HERE


'Beyond The Wave: More to Light Festival than meets the eye' – LINK HERE


'May Arts: Germany’s best kept secret wasn’t the V2' LINK HERE

‘Welcome To Copenhagen’ tourist guide - LINK HERE

Diplomacy, Issue 3: CPH POST Supplement, Spring 2018 (pages 28-29) LINK HERE